A Vision for Sigma Chi’s Future

Grand Consul Keith Krach’s acceptance speech at Grand Chapter outlined his for the fraternity – to LEAD

Annotations.inddYOUR 64TH GRAND CONSUL, KEITH KRACH, Purdue 1979, made presentations at both the 75th Grand Chapter and the 150th Celebration in Cincinnati outlining the objectives and programs that will be the focus of the next two years. The Fraternity’s objective is to LEAD- which stands for leadership, expansion, accountability and development, LEAD bolsters Sigma Chi’s mission to develop values-based leaders-committed to the betterment of character, carpus and community.


I look forward to working with you all as we guide Sigma Chi into its second 150 years of leadership and service. In the last year, preparing for this week, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on Sigma Chi’s history. It’s long and proud. We’ve produced many of North America’s most respected leaders-in government, business, athletics, the arts and countless other fields. We have sent our brothers to space, watched them collect awards for scientific breakthroughs and cheered as they led their teams to victory. We’ve had a great 150 years… but what of the next 150?

My brothers, Sigma Chi is at a pivotal moment in its existence, Greek organizations are under a cloud. Young people today are less inclined than ever before to seek out brotherhood on campus-even though they need it more, Too many people do not understand the value we offer-or the lasting contributions we’ve made to society.

We’ve spent the last two days discussing a bold vision and strategic plan for Sigma Chi, A plan to distinguish us from other organizations, A plan to clearly demonstrate the valuewe deliver. A plan to ensure that Sigma Chi will continue to thrive for yearsto come,

I pledge to LEAD Sigma Chi through the next critical years, to help ensure its long-term future. To make sure it’s around when our kids and our grand kids go to college. But what does that mean? It means that I’ll make sure Sigma Chi LEADs in every way that counts.


We must continue to develop leaders-this is critical to our future. And by leaders, I mean people who demonstrate character-in-action: people who make a difference every day in their own lives and in the lives of others-in big ways, in small ways, in meaningful ways.

Leadership means living our values every day. This portion of the LEAD objective also supports the Cornerstone Mentor Training Program, which provides skilled, trained mentors to undergraduate chapters at a local level. Philanthropic service also falls under Sigma Chi leadership-bringing our gifts and leadership to the communities in which we live. At Grand Chapter I asked all Significant Sigs to share their dynamism, enthusiasm and experience with undergraduates by committing to speak at campus chapters twice a year-inspiring undergraduate brothers and sharing their experiences as leaders.


This means increasing the number of chapters-and attracting more of the right kinds of new members.

Expansion is a vital part of the LEAD vision and includes Mission 365, the values-based recruitment program, Starting chapters at new campuses, as well as reactivating chapters, ensures that Sigma Chi will thrive across the continent-and perhaps abroad. Interest for expansion to England, Australia or another English-speaking country is part of the LEAD vision. Alumni involvement has been recognized as a crucial part of an undergraduate chapter’s success, so Sigma Chi has begun to develop an alumni recruitment program.


We will hold ourselves accountable for our actions and their consequences. Enforcing the zero-tolerance hazing policy, continuing the Blake Hammontree CHOICES alcohol education program and improving undergraduate financial management will ensure accountability across Sigma Chi.


The development of our brothers and others through educational programming fosters leadership skills, self-reliance and responsibility. Sigma Chi’s leadership development programs continue to thrive, and there is still plenty of room for growth and improvement. Balfour Leadership Training Workshop reaches more than 1,000 undergraduates each year, and will continue to improve under its new curriculum. The proven success of Horizons has spurred the development of two new programs-New Horizons and Visions. New Horizons will bring Sigma Chi’s leadership development to underprivileged high school students, while Visions will bring facets of the Horizons program to local undergraduate chapters.


Imagine the possibilities if we can tap the full potential of our people and ideas, Think about what we can achieve if we help every undergraduate become all he can become. Imagine the possibilities if you take the same approach to the rest of your life. Over the years, generations of Sigs have invested their time, energy and resources to encourage, counsel and befriend their brothers-to help them become all they can be. We must do the same for those who follow us.

Learn how alumni are already helping LEAD Sigma Chi into the next 150 years 

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